Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A sourdough kind of week...

I learned how to feed my sourdough starter and ended up with way  more than I needed, so I searched the internet for recipes and discovered there's a whole sourdough world out there outside of sourdough bread!

It all started with a simple batch of sourdough crackers using this recipe.

Sour dough crackers - so good!

Honestly, I expected them to be pretty ordinary. But they were truly AMAZING !  Very easy to make using the instructions given.  I sprinkled some salt and garlic powder on them before I cooked them, and they were seriously good crackers - especially with some fresh guacamole the next morning for breakfast with the kiddies.

Now I was getting a little bit 'hooked' on sourdough and wondering what else I could make.  I had more starter bubbling away by the next afternoon, so I got busy and found this chocolate chip biscuit recipe.

The recipe made a really big batch, I think I made somewhere around 40 biscuits and I was just hoping my family would like them so I wouldn't have to eat them all by myself !!  Well ummm...entire batch gone in less than 24 hours ! My husband loved them, well we all did, but he let me know I can make those again!  Now there's a compliment ha!

Next day, my starter was just begging to be made into something else.  How about crepes?  Everyone loves crepes.  Try this recipe  for the most delicious crepes and soooo easy to prepare.  I thought they were way better than plain old flour crepes.  I'm really loving that funky 'sour' taste in all of this baking !!

These were so yummy !  I filled the crepes with a mixture of mince, blackbeans, parsley and sourcream.  Best crepe dinner ever.

And finally, the last recipe I'm going to share with you is this one for sourdough english muffins.

This is what my dough looked like as it was still fermenting - I added chia seeds to the mix.

And the finished muffins!  They sort of look like the real thing hey!  And they tasted pretty good with pumpkin soup for dinner.

So that was the end of that sourdough kind of week...I really enjoyed playing with these new recipes.  I wonder what else is out there to try....I saw some homemade sourdough nacho chips...that sounds interesting !!

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