Wednesday, February 22, 2012

lotion bar recipe...

Lotion luxurious.

The recipe, so simple.

All you need is equal parts of:


Shea Butter

Coconut Oil

and add to that your choice of essential oils

(If I use 60 g of each ingredient, I add about 1tsp of essential oils.)

I used this 'Tiare' infused coconut oil.  I love the smell of this flower so much that I named one of my daughters Tiare!

You could also use Sweet Almond Oil or another oil instead of coconut  if you want to...remember this is YOUR lotion bar !

The method, is also simple:

Melt the beeswax

(I use a pyrex jug and put it straight into a pot of hot water)

Then add the shea butter and coconut oil.

(Shea butter doesn't  like to be heated for too long, it might get grainy when it cools.)

Take off the heat and let it cool for a couple of minutes.

If using essential oils, add them now, and stir well.

Then pour it all into your molds.

I use cupcake molds and if I use about 60g of each ingredient, I get 2 nice sized lotion bars.

They will set in no time at all, but if you want to speed up the process, just put them in the fridge.

Bear in mind, that your recipe may need to change with the seasons...when it's cooler you might need to add more coconut oil to make a softer bar.

Play with it and see what works for you, you can always re-melt it if it's not quite right.

In our tropical climate this recipe is perfect for summer, it glides on beautifully.

Storing your lotion bars

I had been storing my lotion bars in paper cupcake cases - it worked for me!
Then I read somewhere (can't remember where) that a lady stores her lotion bars in giant tea bags - what is a giant tea bag??

  Anyway, that got me thinking...  I have a roll of biodegradeble nappy liners in the cupboard that I never really used.  They are made of a papery, tea-baggy kind of material and it's quite strong...

so I pulled out the sewing maching and sewed a couple of little bags, just big enough for 1 lotion bar. 

...look at that, a perfect fit.

But don't just take my word for it...there are lots of other lotion bar recipes out there, have a look here, here and here for more ideas.

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