Friday, January 20, 2012

a child's felt treasure bag...

We had a wonderful afternoon just me and my girl...Marlise was alseep, so Ruby and I spent some quiet time together, doing 'stuff '.  It was so peaceful and relaxing...  She's spent every minute of everyday for the last week and a half playing with the neighbourhood kids.  And it's been great.  They've been riding bikes, scooters, a go-kart, and a tricycle, making bright chalk pictures all over the driveway, writing letters to the fairies and leaving them in a jar under the frangipani tree, drawing, eating popcorn, playing chasings, dancing and singing, climbing trees...just being kids and having lots of fun.  But today, was our day, none of the other kids were around and we both enjoyed some quiet time. 

Ruby started out drawing while I started sewing an elephant - at her request.  I got the pattern from a book called Sew Soft Toys, by Karin Neuschutz.  I love this book !  It has so many wonderful  patterns for all sorts of animals.

Ruby's elephant - being made out of an old wool blanket I got at the op-shop ages ago.

Anyway, after a little while, she got bored with drawing and wanted to sew "I want to do what you're doing mum !" - Isn't that so true - young children always want to imitate their parents.  That's why it's so important to be a good example to them, but that's another topic all together !  So we decided she could sew a little treasure bag out of felt. 

I was so proud of her, she sewed it up in no time at all, with no help from me, except to thread the needle.  And when she was finished she was so excited!  It made my day to see her with big smiles from something she had achieved.  She went rummaging through my craft box to find treasures to fill it with - a bell, some ribbon, piece of felt, beads and other things small enough to fit.

This is how she did it.....

First I cut a circle out of a piece of wool felt, about 10cm diametre. (OK, a circle-ish shape, my freehand cutting skills are obviously lacking !!)

Then I double threaded the needle and tied a knot at the end.  I have to do this for her otherwise she keeps pulling the needle of the thread.

Then it was up to her to sew....starting about 0.5-1cm in from the edge.

All the way around the circle.....

It doesn't matter too much that the stitches are uneven, it matters most that she did it all by herself !

Make sure that the last stitch finishes on the same side of the felt as the starting stitch.  Then cut the needle off and tie a knot.

Now pull your two strings gently to gather up the edges, forming your treasure bag.  oops!  note in the picture, that I did it wrong the first time - the string tails should be on the OUTSIDE of the bag !

And there you have it, one pretty little felt treasure bag...

And don't forget to let her raid your craft box for all those shiney little treasures she's had her eye on for ages, because now she has a safe place to keep them all !

I wrote this blog over 2 days, and she made another treasure bag today so I could take photos - forgot to yesterday, so now she has 2! 

"What can I sew now mum ?"    ummmmmmm....ok, will have to think about that ! 

Any ideas anyone ???


  1. Such a nice simple little treasure bag :-)

  2. What a wonderful, age-appropriate project!!
    Little ones always want tiny bags for storing their treasures! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hi Carole!
    They find these bags so rewarding don't they? The appeal I think is in the simplicity and short time frame required for complete concentration (LOL)
    My boys are enjoying making simple animals right now. A dog. A teddy. A bird. (Like your elephant, just smaller). Or even just shapes, (like the 'jug' I mentioned in my boys' sewing kits, post)
    Mr Turtle got creative and embellished a dog with felt pieces and a permanent texta as a gift, a while ago.
    Now that Ruby has got the confidence, she'll blow you away even more, I'm sure. They tend to do that don't they? Kids. xx

  4. thankyou all for your lovely comments. Aleta, I love that little kids can enjoy sewing, and that they can use their new skill to create their own toys !