Saturday, June 2, 2012

Childrens Festival

On a recent trip to the Sunshine Coast, we were fortunate enough to visit the Childrens Festival at the Noosa Steiner School.  We had the most wonderful day there !

Don't you just LOVE this playground ?  

Ruby, getting a mould of her face done with plaster for her face mask.

Painting and decorating her face mask was lots of fun.

Making a rainbow tie-dye t-shirt took lots of concentration.

Look what she made in the woodwork shed !

mmmm...wood fired pizza, fresh from the oven, tastes sooo good.

Silk painting.

And there was so much more to do that we just didn't have time for...wet felting, candle making, making swords and shields, clay sculpting, flag painting, lots of yummy nourishing food...and loads more.  Can't wait for next year !


  1. Great day, wasn't it?
    I hear I'll be seeing you soon at a Zuzu&me workshop :)

    1. You'll be there too? yay! I'm really looking forward to coming :)