Monday, January 30, 2012


Have you seen these at your local fruit shop or supermarket yet?

I saw them for the first time this week.  It's a fruit called "achacha".  They originate from the tropical Amazon Basin of Bolivia, and are now grown commercially in North QLD - aren't we lucky !! Check out the Australian Achacha website here.

I bought a couple just to try, because I was intrigued...I'd never seen them or heard of them before this week.  Well guess what, they were so good, I bought some more the next day, the kids love them too.
They are kind of tangy to taste, and not unlike  guavas, which I love.  They are also a funky fruit to open up ...

First, pierce a hole in the  skin with your finger nail...

...then give it a gentle squeeze on the sides.  It will sort of pop and split open all the way around...

...revealing a delicious white fruit...with a very large seed on the inside (kind of like a lychee).

Now, before you go throwing the skins away, there is a recipe here for an achacha drink made by infusing the skins in cold water (don't waste anything!!).  I just made it today and it is the most refreshing drink I've made in a long time, really yummy.
I've kept a couple of seeds too...wonder if I can grow and achacha tree ?  Can't hurt to have a try hey?


  1. oohh they look cool.. did oriana ever have those in Chile?

  2. I got some the other day too and apparenty you can grow them from seed but they take about 4 months to germinate. I will be planting mine this weekend.

    1. I think this would be a great tree to have in your backyard. Good luck with your germination Fiona.