Monday, February 20, 2012

moments at home with my little girl...

Sometimes I just have to stop and cherish those little moments I have at home with Marlise...

Helping me put the 'tatoes' into the pot.

OK, 2 days ago when I found her up on the bathroom sink eating toothpast, I was just a little bit angry...

Today, I just smiled, and took pictures.

Toothpaste art, little girls love it !

Marlise loves her daily 'block' (ice block), so we made some more.  She loves trying to squeeze the oranges...

and putting the lids on...

caught you!...and adding extra nutrients to the orange juice !

You'll never believe how long this kept her amused...a few safety pins, a tiny tea cup, a little plastic lid and a clock least 15 mins of fun.  Awesome.

And then she drew me some flowers - that's what she said 'flower!'
And then she went to bed.

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  1. oh she's so cute! and she's getting so big! :)