Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's brewing in your kitchen...?

Some friends of ours used to come over for dinner quite a lot, and one of them always used to ask me "What's brewing in your kitchen this week?", because I always seem to have jars or bowls of stuff  'on the go - fermenting or soaking' in my kitchen, and he was fascinated - I'm glad someone was interested !!

So this is what's 'growing' in my kitchen today...

Front left, dark brown crock is half full of sauerkraut that I prepared today.  I'll let it ferment for about 3-5 days, and bottle it when it gets to the taste that I like.

Jar with the black lid contains orange peels and vinegar. I'm making another batch of orange citrus cleaner.  Smells amazing. Still has another week left to steep.

Glass jar in the middle is my milk kefir - it's a constant on my bench top, I make 2 cups every day.

Forgot to add my water kefir to the photo - it lives in a jar in the cupboard and is also a constant in my home.

White crock behind the citrus cleaner is my sourdough starter, day 2 today, and is looking good!

Brown and white crock is full of fermenting ginger beer, smells divine!  Will be ready for bottling on Friday, then I have to leave it another 2 weeks I think...this is my first batch and I'm excited !!

Blue bowl is filled with pecan nuts, soaking in slightly salty water.  Actually, as I write this, they are in a very low oven to dry out.  By the morning they will be lovely and crispy and much healthier than eating unsoaked nuts.  This is the 2nd time I've soaked pecans - they are so much yummier this way!

What's growing in your kitchen today ???

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