Sunday, April 1, 2012

down by the river...

Now that the weather has cooled a bit, one of our favourite places to go is down to the river mouth.

I love beaches like this where there are lots of shells and stones and drift wood and big logs.  There's lots for the kids to see and explore...

like this skelelton we found.  Ruby discovered what a backbone looks like.

We also found a few too many dead cat fish washed up.  9 that we could see without walking too far...kind of put me off letting the kids go for a swim, but they were fascinating to look at.

They had fun with their shadows, loving the looooong legs !

 And Ruby spent some time writing her name in the sand.

Marlise found a big stick and played with it for ages waving it around saying "King! King!"

And finally, a photo of the 3 of us.  Looks like someones dog got in the picture too ??

Oh, and on our way back to the car, we saw a little snake on the path, eeek! OK, it was only about 20cm long, but a snake is a snake in my book.  Was kinda cool watching it wiggle its way across the sand though.

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