Monday, April 30, 2012

Toadstool house...

I finally finshed !  It's been over a year in the making.  Ok,well it's spent most of that year sitting in the cupboard waiting in various stages to be completed.  But now it's here, and I'm so happy, I love it !

Want to take a peak under the roof ?

Isn't it sweet !

I bought the kit from here and it included everything you need to make this little Toadstool house.  Their website also has a video on wet felting for the roof too, which I watched a gazillion times before I had the courage to actually do it!  The roof was my first ever wet felted project, and I went in blind, except for the video.  Must say I was pretty pleased with the result!

Here's my little needle felted toadstool, just made this last night, my first attempt at felting a 3-D object , a bit tricky, but oh well.

And finally, some needle felting onto a piece of felt.  The fleece is included in the kit, but it's a 'design your own' thing. - Another reason why I took so long to do it - had no idea what to put on my design!  The bees and snail are my favourite.

I've decided to keep this for Ruby's birthday in June.  So next project will be to make some little people to live in the toadstool and make it a home !


  1. Oh, Carole, it's beautiful! You must be so pleased with yourself..what a lucky little girl to receive this as a present. Just gorgeous! :)

    1. Hi Carole,I was so pleased to stumble apon your beautiful fairy toadstool house.My name is Nikki and Mia and I designed and made the kit you used for the toadstool house .I have never really had any feed back from the many kits we have sold around the world to people so Its is so lovely to see what a fabulous job you did all by your self.It was great to hear that the video was able to guide you through wet felting for the first time too! Im so happy !Would you mind if i linked this page to our blog toadstoolhouse.blogspot?It would be very special.Thanks again and well done you have done a fabulous job!
      cheers for now nikki

    2. Hi Nikki, yes you can link to your blog, that would be wonderful ! Thankyou :)