Thursday, October 13, 2011

never underestimate a 4 year old...

Ruby was bored today, so she told me to go to sleep - so that I couldn't see what she was doing - hmmm don't have to tell me twice !  So while I was 'sleeping' she cleaned up the lounge room - picked up all her toys, and put everything in its place.  Then she went outside and lined up all the shoes outside the door and collected the bikes and dolls prams and stuff and put them away...all nice and tidy !  Wow, I was impressed.  So I 'woke' up but she told me to go back to sleep because she was going to cook me an apple pie...ok???  

For the first time ever, I let her run free in the kitchen.  Cringed silently when she started spooning flour into a bowl, followed by sugar...then she asked me to grate the apple coz it was too hard.  Suggested she add something wet to her bowl, so she went to the fridge and found some buttermilk and an egg.

And the reason why I titled this never underestimate a 4 year old ???  When I wasnt looking, Ruby cracked the egg and separated the egg white, leaving the yolk in the shell !  Why ??  well who knows...she's seen me do it a thousand times and asked if she could but I've always said no, it''s too hard for you...well, eat my words !

Anyway, back to the apple pie, the mixture looked really good, so I suggested making it into muffins instead of a pie.  Yep, she was happy with that - 4 muffins, and 25 mins later, they looked awesome ! I couldn't believe it ! They rose nice and high (she used SR flour coz it was at the front of the cupboard), and you know what - they tasted really good !  I still can't believe it ! MY 4 year old cooked muffins without a recipe!!  She's following hot on the heels of her Aunty Jana who used make yummy cakes using a dodgy ingredients list when she was little too !

In all the excitement, I forgot to take photos of the muffins, but here are some recent pics from home.

they love being in the kitchen

mmmm..strawberry, blueberry and kefir iceblocks

more food....licking the chopstick is almost as good as licking the spoon !

making tortillas

ahhhh this is the life !

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