Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Needle Felting...

Ruby and I made the most of the precious time we had while Marlise slept - which never seems to be long enough !  We got busy, well, I got busy and started making a needle holder using some scraps of felt and wool I had in my box of goodies.  And just as I was really getting in to it, Ruby decided she wanted to do something too.  So quick thinking sent her off to the kitchen in search of a cookie cutter "the smallest one you can find!"  So she came back with a christmas tree shape - not quite what I had in mind, a bit tricky for what I had planned, but oh well, she was determined. 

So we used a piece of white felt for the backing, and she wanted a purple tree - I didn't have any green wool so it wasn't an option, a purple tree is fine :)  The cookie cutter sat on the piece of felt, and the felt sat on a nice thick piece of foam....lots of safety talk followed re the felting needle and how to use it properly.  We filled the cookie cutter with the purple wool and she was on her way, poking and stabbing that wool - slowly and carefully (phew!)

Poking and stabbing down the wool.

a nice thick piece of foam was perfect for working on her lap - look at the concentration!

Adding the decorations

And look !  I've made a decoration for our Christmas tree !!
(Christmas really isn't that far away...)

This was Ruby's first attempt at 'real' sewing a couple of days ago.  I drew some lines for her to sew along, and off she went.  She was so proud of her efforts. 

We folded up the piece of felt and she sewed the edges to make a little purse so she could show off her sewing skills.  Here's the inside out version, with a button hole on the flap.

Here's the front cover of the needle holder I made today, i love it !

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