Sunday, October 30, 2011

This weekend...

Here's what we've been up to this weekend...

Ruby wanted to do some painting, so we found some cardboard things to paint and both the girls got to work.  Marlise didn't really need the tissue box that I purposely emptied for her coz it was more fun painting her arm, obviously !

And later, somebody got caught out sitting on the table having the time of her life with a spoon and the last little bit of chocolate icecream - thankyou big sister for giving it to her !!

Cheeeeeeze !!

And while all this was happening, my little fenugreek sprouts were quietly growing.

Fenugreek sprouts

I made sourcream for the first time by adding 1 tsp of store bought sourcream ( left over from the night before) to 500mL of cream.  Mixed them gently together, put a lid on the container and left it for 24 hrs on the bench.  Next day, thick sourcream.  It was so good with the nachos we had last night !

                                                               Homemade sourcream

Ok, look at this picture, do you think she's giving me a hint ??  She wants to go swimming maybe ??  And she insisted on wearing the jumper even though it's hot and humid outside.

So we obliged.  What's a weekend without some time for the beach anyway right !!  The weather has been getting warmer and warmer...
OK, so now I can't make these pictures bigger anymore, how come?

Nothing beats a bucket and spade and a beach full of sand.

My little table dancer

And finally, I made some laundry liquid.  I only have about one load worth of my last store bought powder left, so I made this up tonight - i've been saving the milk bottles up just for this purpose.  I found the recipe here at the DOWN TO EARTH BLOG.  It was so easy to make, and now I have the bottles sitting by the door cooling down.  I'll try it out tomorrow.

Homemade laundry liquid - another thing I don't have to buy from the that !

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