Friday, November 25, 2011

Felted soap...

Look what Ruby made today !

She started with a piece of homemade soap (no, not the goats milk soap from last night !)

Then she wrapped it up in some wool fleece...

Then she put it under the tap with the water as warm as she could handle it, and started to rub...gently at first...

...then a bit more vigorously as the wool started to 'felt'.  I helped her to get the felting process started, but she did most of it by herself and she really enjoyed it.

Here's her felted soap, pretty much finished and still soapy.  She choose the colours herself !

And here they are all done.  They look like pretty rocks.  What a lovely way to dress up a piece of soap for a special Christmas present!  Ruby was really excited that they turned out so well, because they are her Christmas presents for some special people.

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