Friday, November 11, 2011

upcycled pants...

One of my big girls, didn't want a certain pair of pants anymore, so I took them  with the intention of  upcycling them.   Upcycling is taking something and perhaps changing it a  bit, to give it another use, rather than throwing it away.  Here are the pants - I forgot to take the picture before I cut them.  I love the material !

It was easier than I thought to make a pair of shorts for Ruby.  I followed the line to get a straight cut and hemmed up the bottom. The waist band already had elastic and a string tie, so I just tightened the string to fit Ruby.  The shorts are kinda big and flowy, but she loves them - especially because they are her big sisters old pants.

Best part about these pants, is that they will grow with her - just have to loosen the tie, they could last another 10 years !!
Now for the rest of the original pant legs...There is enough material to make another pair of shorts for Marlise, and I'll see what else I can squeeze out of it...a headband maybe ?


  1. they're so cute mum! the pockets are as bigger than her thighs hahaha