Thursday, November 24, 2011

soap and facials...

My eldest daughter Oriana has been with me for a couple of weeks holiday.  It's been AWESOME having her around.  My big girls are both away at uni and I miss them heaps.  Anyway, we made some goats milk soap last night.  Well, she made it, I sort of supervised -  ha!  From most of what I've read on other blogs, they recommend that you have some soap making experience with ''regular' soap before trying goats milk - it's a bit more involved.  And hey, this was my 3rd batch of soap - so I have 'some' experience - yes??  And guess what ?  Tonight we took our soap out of the mold and it looks like it worked nicely - very happy.

I'm thinking I could have cut the slices a bit thicker, like the one at the back on the left, but oh well, next time.  We used a couple of 1L milk cartons - the cardboard ones for our mold, and I kind of like the shape - they look sort of like beautifully rounded squares.

They almost look good enough to eat don't you think !  Once again, I haven't added any colour or fragrance, but I like it like that.  I like that natural smell ! 

We have been using the soap from my first batch already.  Had no choice really, we ran out of the last bar of bought soap, and I refused to buy any more so we tried some and wow!  It is so wonderful to use.  It lathers up nicely and feels like it's actually moisturising the skin - it would have to be the most luxurious soap I've ever used - and hey, it's a very basic homemade soap.  I will NEVER buy soap from the supermarket again.  If you have never made your own soap before, try it - it's not as scary as you might think !  Promise !

And while we're on the subject of bathrooms - that's where you use soap right ? - well, this is what else has been going on in our bathroom...

say cheese !

look how many teeth I've got !

and this little cranky pants is really the most adorable little girl in the world !
Love you Marlise.


  1. the soap turned out awesome! can't wait to try it out...and marlise is TOO cute :D

  2. It looks like yummy cheese!!!